Analyst Forecasts for the S&P 500 Looking Forwards, and Backwards

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Bloomberg surveys a number of equity analysts on a weekly basis for their S&P 500 price forecasts. Below is a list of their most recent 2007 year-end price forecasts for the S&P 500 (actual firm names are not listed). Based on the average forecast for 2007, the Index is expected to rise 7.79% from the current price.

We've also included what the analysts' calls were for year-end 2006 and how close they came to getting it right (based on current price levels). While the consensus for 2006 was an expected gain nearly 5% lower than where the S&P 500 currently stands, six analysts made calls within 2% of the actual 1425 level. We have highlighted these in green and also show that they are all expecting further gains for the Index in 2007.

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2007 s&p500 analyst forecasts