A Few Thoughts About The Intel Earnings Report

Jul.16.14 | About: Intel Corporation (INTC)


New record high sales.

New record unit sales.

Return to growth.

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) announced second quarter 2014 earnings after the market close Tuesday.

Nice quarter; $13.8 billion, 64.5 gross margin, 20.2% net margin.

The business outlook is great. The company now expects revenue for the full year to grow 5% over last year. That would make 2014 a new record revenue year at $55.3 billion. Expected full year gross margin is now expected to be 63%.

I find it curious that no analyst commented on the expected record year.

$55 billion and 63% gross margin is an incredible set of numbers. Embedded in those numbers are about a $7 billion loss in the mobile, communication, and "other" groups. If we could flip a switch and make the sales of those operations go away and add the losses to gross margin, the margin would be in the neighborhood of 78%. A very nice neighborhood, indeed.

Depreciation will be about $7.5 billion. The Intel depreciation schedule for equipment is 2-4 years. CapEx that is not capitalized can be found in R&D. Depreciation and R&D combined is nearly $19 billion per year. When Moore's Law hits a wall, Intel could see a reduction in these costs that could add $3/share in operating earnings from cost savings on top of the $4/per share of "operating" operating income.

Two years after the crazy levels of Capital Expenditures decline to more normal levels, Intel could be earning $7/share in operating income per share, or $5+ net EPS.

For now CapEx will continue at about $11 billion per year until all foundry suppliers to Intel's competitors can no longer match that level of spending.

Intel added $20 billion to their share buyback program with an accelerated execution of the buyback of $4 billion for the third quarter and a similar amount for the fourth quarter. At that rate, and today's price, 5% of the outstanding shares will be retired in two quarters. This rate of buyback has only been matched in a couple of quarters in 2011. There seems to be some sense of urgency in getting the shares bought in.

I could go on, but the numbers are available to anyone. The bottom line is that Intel is a uniquely profitable company of immense size with a scale of technical capabilities unmatched in the American business universe.

At a 5% growth rate and 20% net margin, Intel is reasonably worth four times leading revenue or $44 and change per share. It is worth that amount today, not some time in the distant future.

In the distant future, that 78% real gross margin will lead to a net margin of 35%, making Intel worth seven times revenue or $77/share, more if the shares outstanding shrink at the current rate.

Fortunately, I am very long Intel shares and call options.

The "Intel Show" is just beginning. I know that because the Fast Money guys on CNBC recommended selling the shares. They also recommended selling Micron (NASDAQ:MU) at $10 and $15, and $20 and....you get the idea.

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