S&P Downgrades Molycorp To 'CCC', Notes Unsustainable Capital Structure

Jul.16.14 | About: Molycorp, Inc. (MCPIQ)


S&P downgraded Molycorp to "CCC", citing unsustainable capital structure and eroding liquidity.

This comes after a Moody's downgrade to "Caa2" a few weeks ago.

The downgrade puts pressure on Molycorp to find a solution to its cash burn, which may involve a dilutive event.

Everyone knows I am bearish on Molycorp Inc (NYSE:MCP) due to the fact that it has to find a solution to its cash burn rate. In yesterday's article, Molycorp: Is Apollo Providing Mullet Money?, I questioned [i] whether Apollo was being properly rewarded for its investment in the company's $230 million convertible debt, and [ii] if a restructuring of Molycorp's debt would be a long-term solution to its cash burn:

The company experienced cash out flows of about $78 million for Q1 2014.Based upon high level cash burn projections, the company's cash on hand could fall below $100 million by the end of the year. Molycorp may need to seek additional capital before cash falls to those levels. A rollover of debt with a lower coupon or different equity conversion rate may not be a long-term solution to the company's cash burn issues.

Standard & Poor's Downgrade

Today Standard & Poor's also looked askance on Molycorp's debt level, lowering Molycorp's corporate credit rating to "CCC" from "CCC+" with a negative outlook. Here are the details:

  • S&P lowered the company's secured debt to "CCC" from "CCC+".
  • S&P Lowered the company's unsecured debt from "CCC" to "CCC-".

Unsustainable Capital Structure

S&P cited that in their view, "the company's capital structure is unsustainable." The following chart outlines the company long-term debt of $1.5 billion; in Q1 2014, Molycorp paid interest of approximately $35 million on that long-term debt:

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Strained Liquidity

S&P cited that Molycorp's sources of liquidity may not be enough to cover operational and working capital needs, interest and capital expenditures next year. After cash out flows of $78 million in Q1 2014, the company's cash level was $236 million.

Distressed Debt Exchange

S&P believes that if the company's liquidity becomes strained to the point where it cannot cover its operational and working capital, interest and capital expenditures, Molycorp may seek a capital restructuring that could involve some form of distressed debt exchange. It may downgrade the company's debt further if it believes a capital restructuring or distressed debt exchange will occur with six months.


The Standard & Poor's downgrade comes after Moody's downgraded Molycorp to Caa2 a few weeks ago. The difference is that [i] Moody's cited that the company's capital structure "may be unsustainable" where S&P said it "was unsustainable" and [ii] Moody's only downgraded the subordinated debt, while S&P downgraded the subordinated debt and secured debt.

Pursuant to my $1.60 per share valuation of the company, I projected that Molycorp needed to raise about $260 million by the end of Q3 2014.


The S&P downgrade puts more pressure on Molycorp to find a long-term solution to its cash burn, which may involve a dilutive event. I rate the company a sell.

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