Update: General Electric Earnings Meet EPS Target Of $0.39/Share

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Earnings show General Electric is meeting its earnings and focus goals.

No surprises, but a 10% increase in backlog confirms industrial recovery.

Reaffirm "Buy" for income-oriented investors and "Hold" for growth investors.

Last night, General Electric (NYSE:GE) announced second-quarter earnings increased 13% to $0.35/share, with operating earnings of $0.39/share meeting the consensus estimate. On an operating basis, earnings increased by 8%. Highlights include a 20-basis point increase in industrial segment margins, with backlog of equipment and services increasing 10% to $246 billion and the company confirming the "split-off" of the North American Retail Finance business (Pending:SYF) will occur in a July IPO (sale of 15% for +/-$3.1 billion; remaining shares tax-free to shareholders in 2015).

Earnings, were in line with my expectations ("Is GE The Perfect Company") and don't, at this point, portend a change in fiscal 2014 or out-year earnings. GE is continuing to make slow-but-steady progress as it completes its refocus on businesses where it competes in globally-oriented, "oligopoly-type" businesses that leverage its strengths of technology, scale and balance sheet.

Q2 earnings confirm my belief that GE is a good bet (with its 3.3% dividend) for income-oriented investors and still pricey on a forward PE and PEG (PE/Growth) basis for growth and total return investors.

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