Altairnano Ships First Battery Order to Phoenix Motorcars

| About: Altair Nanotechnologies (ALTI)
Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ALTI) announced today that it shipped ten rapid charge, high power NanoSafe battery packs to Phoenix Motorcars, Inc. on schedule. Phoenix Motorcars confirmed that the shipments of ten 35 KWh battery packs fulfilled and completed the $750,000 order placed by Phoenix in July 2006. The company placed an additional order for one 35 KWh battery pack which will be shipped later this week.

Altairnano's NanoSafe battery packs allow the Phoenix sport utility truck [SUT] and sport utility vehicle [SUV] to exceed performance specifications for the State of California Type III Zero Emissions Vehicle. Altairnano provides nano-Titanate based batteries that are used in two battery pack configurations: a 35 KWh and a 70 KWh NanoSafe pack. The 35 and 70 KWh NanoSafe packs provide sufficient power and energy for a fleet vehicle to travel up to 130 or 250 miles, respectively, with a top speed of over 100 mph.

Both NanoSafe battery packs can be recharged in less than 10 minutes using an industrial 480 volt battery charging platform. The NanoSafe battery packs can also be charged over longer periods of time when using typical 120 or 240 volt power sources. An on-board charger is standard equipment for both the Phoenix SUT and SUV vehicle.

Phoenix Motorcars' CEO Daniel J. Elliott:

We are pleased with the on-time shipments, the quality and performance of the Altairnano NanoSafe battery packs. Early customer interest in our SUV and SUT vehicles has exceeded expectations. Phoenix has committed to use Altairnano's NanoSafe battery packs exclusively and we anticipate placing more orders for the NanoSafe battery packs shortly. Phoenix is on track to begin commercial delivery of our full size, all electric Sport Utility Trucks to the fleet market in the spring of 2007.