The Key To Investing In Malaysian Stocks

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Can Buffet-style value investing be applied in Malaysia? Yes, it can, says Tan Teng Boo, CEO of Capital Dynamics in Malaysia, in his opinion column in the Malaysia Star Online. His article gives a good overview of Warren Buffett and the influence of Charlie Munger, and points out that their approach has evolved from that of Benjamin Graham.

So, in that respect, Tan's column isn't telling us anything we value folks don't know already.

But let's keep in mind that he's writing for a primarily Malaysian audience -- one that I gather isn't overly familiar with value investing. Or is wondering whether the value approach can be applied to Malaysian stocks. That's why this part pops out at me:

Can we apply the Buffett-Graham-Munger approach to Bursa Malaysia? Yes, except that one has to be very patient, disciplined and do the necessary homework. For whatever reasons, many claim to be a follower or non-follower of Buffett without really knowing his philosophy and methodology.

Many investors have blamed the Bursa Malaysia for losses or poor returns. Many have said that the Buffett-Graham-Munger investing style cannot be successfully applied to Bursa. Many investors do not realise that the real culprit of their losses or poor performance is themselves. Do not get us wrong. Capital is not saying that Bursa and the listed companies are perfect. There is an endless list of things that can be improved and there are plenty of companies (probably the majority of them) that do not deserve an inch of support from genuine investors. But part of the fault also lies with the investing style of investors. Have they ever asked how they would perform if they had used the same method and invested in Tokyo, London or New York? Would they have the patience or the discipline?