Cara's Stock of the Year for 2007: Crystallex

I am not amused when readers try to pull my chain as was probably the case with “NT” this morning:

Dear Bill Cara,

I'm surprised that now you don't think it's a good idea to invest in Crystallex. Not too long ago you said after much research and after talking to a top official at Crystallex you thought it was a good trade, albeit highly speculative. Why have you now changed your mind? I've held Crystallex for several months and agree with the ROB-TV videos I listened to today. (Please see below).

Thanks in advance for your reply. I respect your opinion.


11:15 AM ET
Market Morning with Lisa Oake and Marty Cej
John Ing, president & gold analyst, Maison Placements Canada

Re: How to play the gold market: John Ing said...time to look at the junior players...Crystallex comes to mind.

12:30 PM ET
Market Call with Jim O'Connell
Gold and Precious Metals
Robert Cohen, portfolio manager, Dynamic Funds.

Cohen: Crystallex has had a 32% bump. From $3.20 TO $4.32. Venezuela's risk has been priced in & out of this stock. Right now it's priced out of this VZ stock and the market says Crystallex is going to get their permit.

I have received maybe 10,000 reader letters in 2006 and this one probably takes the cake.

I think 99.9 pct of you know where I stand on Crystallex.

But in case you don’t: Crystallex will be the Stock of the Year for 2007. Gold will be the asset class of the year.

Cited authorities Ing and Cohen are excellent analysts.

Cohen holds lots of KRY in his Dynamic Precious Metals Fund. His comment about the permitting risk being priced out of the stock suggests to me he believes the stock is fairly priced here. If he is correct, he’ll be able to buy more stock at these levels, which, from the remark he made, is what I'm presuming he'd like to do.

About the text of his comment: I disagree. Strongly. There is a healthy risk premium still in the stock.

Moreover, if, as and when the environment permit is received for mine development at Las Cristinas, the stock will probably double. Then (and this is the good part), I am expecting a take-over battle between Goldcorp and one of Gold Fields, Barrick or IAMGOLD.

Before this Crystallex play is over and done, I expect to see the share price well above US$10. My crystal ball is telling me that today (January 3) KRY will pop by, oh… +4.5%.

KRY 1-yr chart


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