Stocks To Watch: Facebook, Minerva Neurosciences, AT&T

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Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) - long - Jeff Himelson

  • After hours yesterday, Facebook announced an amazing quarter and beat on both the top and bottom lines.
  • On Thursday, a slew of analysts will update their outlooks and ratchet up price targets.
  • The stock was up over 5% after hours, but it will see more positive momentum as analysts play catch-up with their price targets.
  • Here is my previous article on FB's earnings.

Minerva Neurosciences (NASDAQ:NERV) - long - Don Dion

  • July 25 concludes the 25 day, SEC-enforced quiet period on underwriter research on NERV.
  • On July 26th, NERV's underwriters will likely release detailed positive reports, leading to at least a temporary rise in NERV prices in the days surrounding the event.
  • NERV's post-IPO market performance has been inconsistent, bouncing between $5.75 per share and $7.54 per share.
  • Given that each of NERV's product candidates is at an early clinical stage, we feel that the firm has an unclear future; however, this event offers a short-term buying opportunity.

AT&T (NYSE: T) - long - Jason Merriam

  • Overreaction to Q2 results might provide good entry-point.
  • Margin compression is likely temporary.
  • Shares have lagged rivals during the past twelve months.
  • Accretive value of pending DirecTV (DTV) deal not priced into stock.