Emerging Market Stocks to Keep an Eye on

Includes: BVN, EPU, IBN, TSU
by: Emerging Money

Traders around the world will likely spend this week glued to macro data and political news, but those willing to look at individual stocks can still find plenty to occupy their attention.

Brazil: TIM (NYSE:TSU) has confirmed its position as the No. 2 wireless network in Brazil by growing its subscriber base 19% over the last year. The question is where this company goes from here. The answer is data. TSU is making great strides in becoming one of the great broadband vendors of Latin America, and heavy marketing seems to be in the early stages of paying off. Meanwhile, the company is cutting its costs, streamlining its operations and boosting its margin to a healthy 25%.

INDIA: ICICI Bank (NYSE:IBN) just reported an 18.8% higher quarterly profit. Now that recent consolidation has cemented ICICI's position as India's top bank, it can concentrate on growth. In fact, while ICICI's loan book actually shrank for every quarter of the previous two years, its lending activity is now accelerating again. The bank expects demand for credit in India to surge 18% to 20% in the near future, which makes it a name to watch across the global financial services space.

CHINA: Ping An (OTCPK:PNGAY) is trading sideways after reporting 25% lower earnings last week. While growth seems to have hit a wall, traders keep pouring into what they see as a chance to own this major life insurer.

ETFs in the Spotlight

TEI: (NYSEARCA:TFI) The emerging markets bond rally has lifted this fund roughly 20% over the last year, double the performance of the S&P 500. But are funds like TEI overdue for a significant correction? While there may be a bit of upside left in the emerging bond space, this asset class definitely looks rich at this point. Equities paradoxically may offer lower risk right now.

EPU: (NYSEARCA:EPU) Peruvian stocks rarely get much headline play, but this fund is one of the year's top performers. The secret boils down to one word: mining. The biggest Peruvian company, gold miner BVN, accounts for almost 17% of the total portfolio here, while smaller resource shares bring in another 42% of the fund. Gold and other commodities are having a great year. Therefore, so is EPU.

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