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Trucks and tractors are big business for Fiat (OTCPK:FIATY), which confirms that people in BRIC countries in particular are still buying plenty of vehicles even if core Europe is on the flat side.

FIATY.PK trounced consensus by about 300% by reporting a third-quarter profit of 170 million euros ($235 million) and promising that earnings for the full year will clock in at around 400 million euros ($550 million).

Trucks and tractors, which FIATY is spinning out into an industrial subsidiary on January 3, performed particularly well, even though they are expected to only account for 1/3 of the company's business by 2014. In terms of both passenger cars and industrial vehicles, FIATY increasingly turns to emerging markets -- especially its stronghold of Brazil, where it has about a 25% share of the overall market -- for growth.

The company is active in all four members of the BRIC group, although Fiat India is reporting some difficulty in building on early success (despite a broader car buying boom there) and Fiat China has also met with some snags over the years.

Still, Brazil alone makes FIATY a top play in the global auto trade and a worthy component of any emerging car basket alongside names like Daimler (OTCPK:DDAIF), Volkswagen (OTCPK:VLKAF) and Honda (NYSE:HMC).

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Source: Fiat Sees Global Tractor Boom