Update: CBCA Is No Longer CBCA

Jul.25.14 | About: Crown Baus (CBCA)

Cannabis Capital is no longer Cannabis Capital. It changed its name yet again, to Crown Baus Capital Corp (OTCQB:CBCA), while keeping its CBCA ticker. But more importantly, another piece of news showed just how worthless the whole thing is, and how it trading at a still-massive $1.3 billion is just a temporary scheme and the shares will end up dropping another 90%, just like I stated in my original article when the stock was still trading at $15.50 per share.

What piece of news was that? Well, it was the fact that the controlling shareholder, Yong Ok Cho, sold his 75,000,000 shares for all of $7,500 to Castor Management Services. Surely, this was not an arm's length transaction, but still it seeing each share valued at $0.0001 is like a premonition of the future in this situation. After all, the company had all of $185 in the asset side of its balance sheet when I first covered it.

To put things into perspective, a company with assets of $185 would have to have an ROE of 120% per year over 20 years to turn those $185 into $1.3 billion. Not going to happen. Indeed, nothing is going to happen here - the stock will simply slide down more and more until becoming basically worthless.

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