Update: Synergy Pharmaceuticals Patient Enrollment


Helps to confirm timeline in my original article.

Clinical trial results in the last quarter of 2014 will help to provide a catalyst for shares.

The trial will help to prepare for Phase III testing and should increase valuation of the company.

Synergy Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:SGYP) recently announced via a press release that it has completed patient enrollment for its Phase II SP-333 trial in opioid induced constipation. This is good news for shareholders and helps to confirm the timeline in my original article (which can be found here). As a quick recap for the trial:

The clinical trial is expected to enroll 260 patients and is geared towards showing efficacy in patients suffering from opioid induced constipation with less than three bowel movements per week. This trial will test SP-333 at three different dosages: 1 mg, 3 mg and 6 mg. This will compare SP-333 to placebo, and the objective is to find out whether or not the drug is effective (I previously argued that it is), and to find out the optimal dosage of the drug moving forward towards future testing.

My take on the news is that this is a positive for shareholders. It reinforces the timeline that I advanced in my article, and more importantly provides a crucial catalyst for shareholders as they wait for Plecanatide to move into Phase III trials at the end of the year. The fact that Synergy is on track for its enrollment target will help to give shareholders an idea as to the effectiveness of SP-333, and will allow for us to get an idea as to whether the drug will be effective in Phase III trials. The trial results should also help to increase Synergy's valuation, as it will give investors an idea as to whether or not SP-333 can be a best in class product. If it is, excitement around the stock should pick up and shareholders will benefit.

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