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As many of you know, the Ultimate Sustainable dividend portfolio was built over a year ago as an attempt to slowly become financially free. By that I mean having enough passive income to not "need" to work any longer. I track my progress every month and I'm looking at many different ways to get that done which include real estate, my own business, etc. That being said, the core of my strategy relies on income generated from my portfolios.

The USDP, along with my ETF portfolio generate the bulk of my passive income and I decided to track this with a monthly post in order to keep myself accountable and also because I've heard from many of you that this would be helpful.

TickerNameSharesJuly 28 2014 PriceJuly 28 2014 Values
(NYSE:OMC)Omnicom Group Inc32$72.96$2,334.72
(NASDAQ:MSFT)Microsoft Corp74$43.97$3,253.78
(NYSE:JCI)Johnson Controls Inc42$48.65$2,043.30
(NYSE:PEP)PepsiCo Inc/NC30$90.97$2,729.10
(NYSE:ETN)Eaton Corp33$76.75$2,532.75
(NYSE:DOV)Dover Corp26$88.11$2,290.86
(NYSE:ITW)Illinois Tool Works Inc30$84.75$2,542.50
(NASDAQ:XLNX)Xilinx Inc39$41.33$1,611.87
(NYSE:SJM)JM Smucker Co/The21$104.08$2,185.68
(NYSE:BLK)BlackRock Inc13$316.43$4,113.59
(NASDAQ:TROW)T Rowe Price Group Inc31$80.25$2,487.75
(NYSE:OXY)Occidental Petroleum Corp24$99.82$2,395.68
(NYSE:XOM)Exxon Mobil Corp21$104.37$2,191.77
(NASDAQ:ADI)Analog Devices Inc46$50.55$2,325.30
(NASDAQ:HAS)Hasbro Inc31$51.14$1,585.34
(NASDAQ:MAT)Mattel Inc45$35.42$1,593.90
(NYSE:BAX)Baxter International26$76.47$1,988.22
(NYSE:IVZ)Invesco Ltd69$38.43$2,651.67
(NASDAQ:TXN)Texas Instruments Inc32$47.35$1,515.20
(NYSEARCA:VWO)Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets81$45.14$3,656.34
(NYSEARCA:BND)Vanguard Total Bond Market46$82.15$3,778.90
Cash $93.30
USDP $56,539.47
SPX 16.17845817$3,588.68$58,059.31

Dividends Received

The month of July is one of the slower months in the year in terms of dividends but the $35 generated this month are still 27% more than July 2013 so we are making progress!

Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio News

Not much to report here. I can't say I'd blame these companies for not announcing dividend increases in the middle of the summer!


Unfortunately, the news isn't as good here. Yes, part of it is the type of portfolio that I run. Having a dividend portfolio usually means having a low beta portfolio. So you'd expect it to underperform in fast rising markets but to do much better in market declines. Since the last update, the overall market is up 2% (including dividends). The USDP is only up about 1.3%. Why? Just look at these 2 stocks compared to the overall market:

MAT Chart

MAT data by YCharts

XLNX Chart

XLNX data by YCharts

So the USDP now trails the S&P500 total return and will hopefully make up for it!

(click to enlarge)


A very slow month this time around, I did add to both of my ETF positions, however.

Source: Ultimate Sustainable Dividend Portfolio - July 2014 Update - Tougher Month