AT&T: Potential To Unlock Huge Value By Creating REIT

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Potential valuation increase from creating pure play, high yield REIT; high dividends very attractive to income investors.

Pure play wireless and transmission company can command higher multiple, less CapEx burden.

AT&T's balance sheet would be strengthened by spinning off infrastructure assets.

This morning, Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN), in an announcement that is potentially significant for AT&T (NYSE:T), Sprint (NYSE:S) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ), announced the tax-free spinoff of certain network assets in a real estate investment trust [REIT]. This transaction was validated by a private letter ruling from the IRS; the IRS understands that the ruling will potentially be used by comparable companies, like T, with comparable assets. Basically, the underlying logic of the spin-off is to take assets that are highly certain in their cash flow and create a NewCo that will hold these assets. The NewCo can than contract with the old parent (and potentially other firms) for their use. Owners of the NewCo get a stable dividend payment, which is highly attractive to income-oriented investors. For T, this provides a great opportunity to unleash value to its shareholders by spinning off network assets into a NewCo and having the parent lease them back. Investors who value income can keep the NewCo and get, presumably, a yield higher than T's dividend; investors who value T's core business can keep the "legacy" entity and share in any appreciation from the core business (with likely a more modest dividend). T would also benefit by strengthening its balance sheet from the sale of the contributed assets. In Wall Street speak, you are creating a "pure play," as investors generally prefer focused investments which tend to command a valuation premium. In T's case, you have the potential of a pure-play REIT (presuming it unlocks value like WIN just did) and a (more) pure play investment in wireless and TV transmission and content (assuming the DTV transaction is approved).

This transaction was not anticipated in my prior articles, "AT&T: A Junk Bond in Equity Clothing" and "Update: AT&T Earnings - Biggest Growth? CapEx." If T is able to unlock value, it is a really exciting opportunity for shareholders to have value unlocked.

As this news is not directly about T, I cannot predict if it will follow. However, as I believe it highlights the potential for T, I am more positive about the stock for both income-oriented investors and total return investors. However, it T jumps today, the security may already reflect the value (or a portion of the value) of this new information (efficient market theory).

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