Trade Decline Of Golf Through These 2 Stocks

| About: Callaway Golf (ELY)


Golf participation has been in decline since 2003.

Main causes are generational preferences and falling real incomes.

Ways to trade this trend are shorting Callaway and Clubcorp.

Golf is in trouble in the United States. The main reasons for this is the lack of adoption of the sport amongst the 18-30 demographic due to falling youth income and an increasing lack of patience to spend over three hours straight on a golf course. This has been reflected in equipment sales, TV ratings for major championships, and the rate of golf course closures to openings (11.25:1).

In the video below, I go further into my thesis on trading the fading popularity of golf. The best stocks to capitalize off the this trend are equipment manufacturer Callaway golf (NYSE:ELY) and Clubcorp Inc. (NYSE:MYCC) which operates country clubs.

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