I'm Happy To See This Healthcare REIT Spreading The Love

Jul.30.14 | About: Healthcare Trust (HTA)


Today, HTA’s board of directors sent me an early Valentine’s Day gift by declaring a cash dividend for the third quarter of $0.145 per share.

Although I was hoping to see a more substantial boost, the recent dividend news gives me a better feeling that management at HTA is committed to shareholders.

My latest purchase was on December 3, 2014 and my total return is up 24%.

In my last article on Healthcare Trust of America (NYSE:HTA), I summarized as follows:

All I ask is for management to increase the dividend and spread the love.

Today, HTA's board of directors sent me an early Valentine's Day gift by declaring a cash dividend for the third quarter of $0.145 per share, which equates to an annualized rate of $.58. More importantly, the dividend increase represents a 1% increase over the second quarter rate.

Although I was hoping to see a more substantial boost, the recent dividend news gives me a better feeling that management at HTA is committed to shareholders. This is the first dividend increase announced by HTA since the company listed back in June 2012.

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Further dissecting HTA's second quarter results, we see that from Q1-14 to Q2-14, rental expenses decreased $2.5 million in total which would logically result in tenant recoveries going down $2.5 million as well. However, as you can see below that revenue only went down $1.5 million due to the fact that HTA's "good revenue" grew by $1 million. It's important that you recognize a point that many analysts miss, that is, HTA is a Medical Office Building REIT so a large majority of the company's income is gross, not triple net.

In other words, HTA bills its tenants for the "3 NNNs - taxes, insurance, and common area costs" - and it's common for the income from the 3 NNN expenses to be lumpy. So when you bifurcate (or separate) the true income and the true expenses you get a better picture as to income growth. As illustrated below, HTA's Revenue declined by $1.5 million while its Rental Expenses dropped by over $2.5 million and the produced Normalized FFO growth of around 2.7%.

You see the same thing broken down in specific detail in HTA's same-store disclosure where expenses were down $2.2 million and tenant recoveries were down $2.1 million, resulting in positive cash NOI of $700,000.

HTA had no secondary offerings in Q2-14 so the $212 million in acquisitions (in Q2) was the primary driver for the positive 3.1% same-store growth. The company also announced that Normalized FFO increased 21.9% to $43.5 million (compared to Q2-13) and Normalized FFO per share was $.18, an increase of 12.5% (compared with Q2-13).

Click to enlargeAlso, at the end of the quarter, HTA's leased rate by GLA was 91.5%, an increase from 91.3% a year ago. The leased rate increased 30 basis points from 91.2% as of March 31, 2014.

Click to enlargeAlso, HTA reported total liquidity of $777.2 million, including $644.5 million of availability on its unsecured revolving credit facility and $132.7 million of cash and cash equivalents. The leverage ratio of net debt to total net capitalization was a solid 32.3%. In May 2014, Standard & Poor's upgraded HTA's investment grade credit rating to BBB, with a stable outlook.

HTA said previously it intends to expand the portfolio by 10% this year (or $300 million) and so far the company has closed around $212 million. Over the course of the last two years, HTA has expanded its in-house management infrastructure - bringing total in-house GLA to 13.1 million square feet of GLA - and now the company has "full map" coverage enabling cost efficiencies and increased tenant retention.

HTA is trading at $12.23 with a Price to Funds from Operations (P/FFO) multiple of 16.7x (source: SNL). Given the latest Q2 results and more mid-year operating performance, I consider HTA to be trading at fair value. Given the higher quality income of this "pure play" MOB (medical office building) REIT, I believe the higher valuation multiple is justified.

That's not to say that I would go out and buy shares today; however, I do believe that HTA's portfolio should be trading at a higher valuation than Ventas, Inc. (NYSE:VTR). I believe that the MOB sector is one of the most defensive asset classes and the valuations reflect the desirability of the asset class.

I was fortunate to get "several bites at the apple" with HTA and over three different trades my weighted purchase price is around $10.22. My latest purchase was on December 3, 2013 and my Total Return (since December 3rd) is over 24%.

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In closing, I'm glad that HTA is starting to spread the dividend love and more importantly, I'm happy to see Mr. Market attracted to the Scottsdale-based REIT. In my upcoming newsletter, I plan to include a more detailed analysis of HTA and provide a model for future earnings growth. For more information on my newsletter, click HERE.

Sources: SNL Financial and F.A.S.T. Graphs.

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