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On his Wednesday episode of Mad Money TV, Jim Cramer said that he likes commercial real estate investment trusts [REITs] as opposed to residential REITs.

There are several types of commercial REITs, including those that invest in office buildings, those that are retail oriented including shopping centers, and the industrial REITs, which can include warehouse, manufacturing, and mini-storage properties. There are also diversified REITs which invest in any or all of the above in addition to apartment buildings. Of course, one of the prime features of investing in commercial REITs is the high yield. The following is a list of commercial REITs with yields above five percent:

Pres Rlty Cp Cl B (PDL-B) 9.1% [Diversified]
Resource Cap Corp (NYSE:RSO) 9.0% [Diversified]
Newkirk Realty Trust (NKT) 8.9% [Diversified]
Newcastle Inv Cp (NYSE:NCT) 8.8% [Diversified]
RAIT Financial Trust (NYSE:RAS) 8.7% [Diversified]
Northstar Rlty Fin (NYSE:NRF) 8.2% [Diversified]
PMC Commercial SBI (PCC) 8.0% [Office]
Trustreet Prop Inc (TSY) 7.8% [Retail]
Arbor Realty Tr (NYSE:ABR) 7.7% [Diversified]
Crescent Rl Est Eqty (CEI) 7.6% [Diversified]
Feldman Mall Prop (FMP) 7.4% [Retail]
Gramercy Cap Corp (GKK) 7.3% [Diversified]
Glimcher Raelty Trst (GRT) 7.2% [Retail]
Monmouth Real Inv (MNRTA) 7.1% [Industrial]
Republic Property Tr (RPB) 7.1% [Office]
Capital Lease Fnding (NYSE:LSE) 6.9% [Office]
HRPT Properties (HRP) 6.8% [Office]
American Fin Rlty Tr (AFR) 6.6% [Diversified]
Lexington Cp Pty Tr (NYSE:LXP) 6.5% [Diversified]
Ashford Hosp Tr Inc (NYSE:AHT) 6.4% [Diversified]
First Ind Rlty Inc (NYSE:FR) 6.1% [Industrial]
Capital Trust Sbi (CT) 6.0% [Diversified]
Franklin St Prop (NYSEMKT:FSP) 5.9% [Diversified]
Getty Rlty Hldg Co (NYSE:GTY) 5.9% [Retail]
Colonial Property Tr (NYSE:CLP) 5.8% [Diversified]
National Retail Prop (NYSE:NNN) 5.8% [Retail]
Penn Real Estate Tr (NYSE:PEI) 5.8% [Retail]
Cedar Shop New (NYSE:CDR) 5.7% [Diversified]
One Liberty Prop (NYSE:OLP) 5.7% [Diversified]
Pitts W Virginia RR (NYSEMKT:PW) 5.7% [Diversified]
Agree Realty Cp (NYSE:ADC) 5.6% [Retail]
U-Store-It Trust (YSI) 5.6% [Retail]
Realty Income Cp (NYSE:O) 5.5% [Retail]
Brandywine Realty Tr (NYSE:BDN) 5.3% [Office]
Inland Real Estate (NYSE:IRC) 5.1% [Retail]
Parkway Prop Inc. (NYSE:PKY) 5.1% [Office]
Mack-Cali Realty Cp (NYSE:CLI) 5.0% [Office]
Extra Space Storage (NYSE:EXR) 5.0% [Industrial]
Liberty Properties (LRY) 5.0% [Office]

Disclosure: The author does not currently own any of the above.