A Lot Of Reasons To Like Monster Beverage Corp.

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Monster Beverage has had double digit EPS growth in 3 of the past 4 quarters.

Share repurchases increase EPS at a high pace.

Balance sheet perfection: No long-term debt, great short-term financial health.

It's been quite some time since my last article on Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ:MNST) so I'd like to take another look. The stock hasn't performed very well so far this year, with a YTD drop of 3.95%.

Let's start by taking a look at the company's recent performance. The table below lists the increase in EPS and revenue for the past 4 quarters. As we can see, Monster Beverage has had double digit YoY EPS growth for three out of the 4 most recent quarters.

YoY EPS change

Yoy Revenue change

Q1 2014



Q4 2013



Q3 2013



Q2 2013



Monster's EPS grows at a much higher pace than its revenue, with a 5 year EPS growth rate of 28.25% and a 5 year revenue growth rate of 16.79%. This is due to the fact Monster buys back a huge amount of its own shares. Share repurchases are good news for investors as they increase earnings per share. Moreover, a lower number of shares means each share represents a larger percentage of the company.

MNST Shares Outstanding data by YCharts

For the current fiscal year, analysts expect Monster Beverage to have earnings per share of $2.51, putting Monster's forward price-to-earnings ratio at 25.9, which is quite high compared to its competitors (the industry average p/e ratio stands at 20.6). However, Monster is not your average beverage stock, as EPS is expected to grow even further, to $2.92, next year. This means Monster is now trading at 22.3 times next year's expected earnings, which I believe to be very reasonable for a company with such monstrous growth rates.

Monster's price-to-sales ratio is also quite a bit higher than the industry average, as the company is currently trading at 4.4 times this year's expected sales. The industry average p/s ratio stands at 2.5. However, I feel this can be justified by Monster's growth rates.

There's one more thing that puts Monster apart from its peers: its balance sheet. The company has no long-term debt, and a very healthy current ratio of 3.56. The quick ratio, which is the same as the current ratio but excludes inventories, stands at 3.02.

Monster Beverage's cash and short-term investments total $751 million, which is 7.4% of the company's market cap, or $4.50 per share.


At first glance, Monster Beverage appears incredibly expensive in terms of price-to-earnings and price-to-sales ratios. However, the company has 5-year EPS and revenue growth rates that are nothing short of amazing, with analysts forecasting continuing growth in fiscal year 2015. The lack of long-term debt is very impressive, as it means there is no threat of rising interest rates. Furthermore, high current and quick ratios indicate short-term financial health.

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