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Note to Howard Stern: I know what's wrong with your show -- it's vulgar! I know that may seem kind of obvious to some of you, but I was, and still am, a huge Howard Stern fan. But I can't listen to his show anymore when I'm around people. The lack of censorship has allowed the show to sink to a level of sex and profanity that used to be funny when left to the imagination, but has become embarrassing when described in graphic detail. You can't even risk rolling down you window at a toll plaza with Howard's show on the radio anymore.

howard_stern_sirius 8 1 06I was hoping he'd grow out of it after having some fun saying f*** a few thousand times but, apparently, the novelty hasn't worn off for Stern. But it has for Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. (NASDAQ:SIRI) subscribers, who are deactivating at a rate that is increasing twice as fast as subscriptions are increasing! Deactivations for Q2 were 230K vs. 66K (up 350%) in Q205, while subscriptions grew to 830K from 432K (less than 50%). While an army of sycophants may whisper in Howard's ear that this is OK and still represents a net gain -- I like him too much not to tell him the truth!

They are still outperforming XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR), who lost 528,000 subscribers in Q2 alone, and whose additions are actually dropping. But this isn't about beating XM, it's about Howard getting back to doing a show that made him a national sensation. It's hard to be the "Bad Boy of Radio" when the radio you're on gives you carte blanche to say and do whatever you want.

Sirius Satellite Radio 08 01 2007

Source: The Dirty Truth About Sirius Satellite Radio