Cramer's Lightning Round - The Agriculture Bull Market Is Not Resting (11/16/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round segment of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program. Tuesday November 16.

Bullish Calls:

Potash (NYSE:POT): "We were chastising ourselves, whipping ourselves that we did not take the money and run when Potash got that bid. Now we are watching it come down...I think the stock could literally fall right now to the $120s. We will be back in. Why? Because the ag bull market is not resting even if stocks are."

Flir Systems (NASDAQ:FLIR): "This one I like very much. Now everyone's worried about defense cuts. That's why the stock's coming down. This is more of a Homeland security play. I will endorse it here."

Linn Energy (LINE): "We had the CEO of Linn Energy. The yield is not as good as Provident, but it is also hedged and I feel very good about it....I'd rather, even if you have to sacrifice a few points of yield, have you in Linn....I feel more comfortable."

Best Buy (NYSE:BBY): "Go buy Best Buy on a pullback."

Bearish Calls:

Fortune Brands (FO): "I like the guys from's up on takeover talk, and some restructuring...a lot of common sense ideas, but you know what? I'll ring the register for a stock like that. I like other stocks more."

Sprint Nextel (NYSE:S): "We liked Sprint because we thought that the balance sheet was improving and the business was improving. When it didn't, we had to say to ourselves, you know what? This one is not going to work. I like it and would pull the trigger."

Corning (NYSE:GLW): "That's a do-nothing stock...don't buy, don't buy. People are always worried about inventory and TVs. I have not been able to warm up to Corning since the buildout is done for the FiOS for Verizon...people think there's an overbuild of TV screens."

Provident Energy Trust (PVX): "I think the Canadian energy trusts are good, and they've been going up...I'd rather, even if you have to sacrifice a couple points of yield, have you in Linn. I'm not going for Provident."


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