Update: Transocean Partners Has Successful IPO On Worst Day Of The Year!

Aug. 2.14 | About: Transocean Partners (RIGP)


RIGP priced at $22, above range of $19-$21; closed Friday up 12% over IPO.

Stronger positive market reaction than anticipated.

Current MLP yield of 5.9% appears fair; accumulate for distribution not for appreciation.

Transocean Partners LLC (NYSE:RIGP) had a successful debut on the worst trading day of the year (July 31), closing at $24.30, an increase of 10%+ over the IPO price of $22.00/share. The IPO should be considered a huge success for RIGP and its largest shareholder, Transocean (NYSE:RIG), as the offering not only rose on a day the DJIA fell over 300 points, but opened above the $19-$21/share suggested in the S1/A the prior week. As highlighted in my article last week, the offering represents a 25.4% stake in RIGP (29.2% if the underwriters exercise their overallotment, which seems likely given the increase in price). Before expenses, $385 million ($443 million with full overallotment exercise) was raised from the sale of 17.5 million common units. The IPO was priced to yield 6.6%, less than the $7.0% originally projected. As of Friday's $24.60 (4 PM) closing price, RIGP yields 5.9%, less than "parent" RIG (currently yielding 6.6%). The offering had solid institutional support, with Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), Citigroup (NYSE:C), JPMorgan (NYSE:JPM) and Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) serving as lead managers. Expect initial research notes the week of August 25.

The response to the RIGP's IPO was far more enthusiastic than I had anticipated, and demonstrates the value of a safe, pure-play in a yield hungry world. Originally, the prospect of a 7% distribution (not a dividend as RIGP is a MLP) appeared reasonable. Friday's yield of 5.9% seems on the one hand aggressive, but on the other, considering the leases to blue-chip credits, Chevron and BP, in line with the underlying credit. Coming during the same week as Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN) announced its well-received plan to spin-off non-core, but highly predictable assets into a REIT, RIGP's success highlights the value the market places on secure, high yielding financial instruments.

The 5.9% yield for stable assets appears to be fair for those seeking income in the current market climate. I would expect prices to fall as interest rates rise. As the underlying contracts on RIGP's rigs have an average life of four years, I don't expect much discussion about new contracts/renewals for at least a couple of years.

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