What Are the 'Old GM' Bonds Worth?

| About: General Motors (GM)

The bonds of the "old GM" were trading around 31-32 Monday morning. The 25 par bonds are worth around 7.50-7.75.

Wilmington Trust is the trustee for most of the bonds. Check that website for additional info. The former GM is now referred to as Motors Liquidation Company (MLC).

In the final prospectus for the GM IPO, the amount of shares and warrants distributed to MLC is outlined on pages 57 and 58. Warrants exercise at $10 and $18.33 in 2016 and 2019.

I estimate that the total claims against this pool of GM shares and warrants is $29-35 billion. That makes puts the expected recovery in the 30% to 36% of par range. Just about what you would expect from where the bonds are trading.

As I mentioned in previous comments, I made a decision to sell my GM bonds and focus on the GM IPO.

Disclosure: Long GM; long GM.pr.B