Groupon Misses On Revenue, Stock Burns Like Kindling A La RetailMeNot

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Groupon announced Q2 earnings after-hours today.

Revenue of $752 million was up 23% Y/Y, flat Q/Q and short of the expected $762 million. Non-GAAP earnings of $0.01 per share met expectations.

At 1.3x run-rate revenue and nearly 50x run-rate EBITDA, Groupon is a strong sell.

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Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN), the online marketplace that connects consumers and merchants by offering goods and services at a discount, disclosed its Q2 2014 earnings Tuesday. Analysts were expecting revenue of $762 million and earnings per share ("eps") of $0.01. Based on the company's past performance, I knew it would take a Herculean effort to get there. Revenue came in at $752 million and non-GAAP eps at $0.01. On a GAAP basis, the company suffered a loss per share of $0.03. The stock burned like kindling after-hours, falling $1.12 (16%) just like competitor RetailMeNot, Inc. (NASDAQ:SALE):

The market thrashed RetailMeNot; in pre-market the stock was down $5.30 (21%) to $20 per share. At its pre-market price the company's market capitalization would be about $1.1 billion or 9x run-rate revenue (Q1 2014 + Q2 2014 revenue annualized). At $20 per share, the company trades at about 53x run-rate earnings per share.

Below are the company's results annually and sequentially:


  • Revenue grew 23% annually but declined 1% sequentially. As mentioned earlier, revenue of $752 million fell short of analysts' expectations of $762 million.
  • Direct revenue increased 82% annually and 4% sequentially. This was offset somewhat by declines in revenue via third parties of 3% annually and 5% sequentially.


  • The company's gross margin declined from 63% in Q2 2013 to 52% in Q2 2014. Cost of revenue for 3rd party channels (14%) and the direct channel (88%) were virtually unchanged year-over-year.
  • However, as more of the sales are sourced via the direct channel where the company makes a lower margin, i.e. has a higher cost of revenue, it has a drastic impact on gross margin. Total gross margin was 52%, 63% and 51% for Q2 2014, Q2 2013 and Q1 2014, respectively.
  • Operating costs declined from 59% of revenue to 53% of revenue in Q2 2014. As gross margin has declined year-over-year, the company has reacted by wringing out some operating costs; Groupon still needs to cut more in order to achieve profitability.
  • Net loss widened from $8 million in Q2 2013 (a penny per share) to $23 million in Q2 2014, or a loss of 3 cents per share. On a non-GAAP basis the company earned $0.01 per share, meeting expectations.


  • Management gave Q3 2014 guidance of revenue from $720 - $770 million and non-GAAP eps of $0.02. Analysts were expecting revenue of $761 million and eps of $0.03. This was also disappointing news to the market.


Based on an after-hours price of $5.95 per share, Groupon's market capitalization is approximately $4.1 billion. This equates to 1.3x run-rate revenue of $3.0 billion (Q1 2014 + Q2 2014 revenue annualized), and 49x run-rate EBITDA of $83 million.


With flat revenue and declining operating margins due to a change in revenue mix toward lower margin direct sales, Groupon has been effectively running in quicksand. At 1.3x run-rate revenue and nearly 50x run-rate EBITDA, Groupon is a strong sell.

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