A No-Brainer Way to Promote Your Company

Includes: SABA, SUMT
by: SA Editors

What if there was a way to promote your company to a perfectly targeted group of potential customers, partners, acquirers and investors?

What if you could tailor your pitch to them at the moment of maximum interest?

And what if you could do this for a no-brainer price?

This is exactly what Seeking Alpha is offering.

Background: Seeking Alpha is the only source of free conference call transcripts on the Internet. They're widely read by investors, VCs, investment bankers, senior managers, partners, customers and competitors.

So far we've published about 500 free transcripts a quarter (you can see the latest ones here and find them on our stock pages, such as Google's). But now we've decided to massively increase the number of free transcripts we provide, going to 1,500 in Q2 and then steadily higher. We're funding this (expensive!) project by allowing companies to sponsor transcripts.

To see how powerful this is, consider this. CornerstoneOnDemand is a rapidly growing, privately-held company that has the best corporate education and performance management solution on the market. It has sponsored the upcoming transcripts of its two main publicly-traded competitors, Saba (OTCPK:SABA) and SumTotal (SUMT). Now, all the customers of those companies who read their transcripts will now see a pitch for Cornerstone's competing product. It's also sponsored the transcripts of its partners and potential partners. The most recent Salesforce.com transcript, for example, now contains a compelling pitch for Cornerstone. (Make sure you see all three Cornerstone slots in the transcript.)

CornerstoneOnDemand now owns the Q1 transcript sponsorships for 18 companies, including Accenture, Adobe, ADP, IBM, Salesforce.com and WebEx. That's mindshare!

Expect to see at least 7 types of sponsorships:

  1. Company sponsors its own earnings call transcript (example). Seeking Alpha's readers want to learn about companies and stocks. If you manage a small cap company, you can ensure we publish your transcript with a sponsorship that highlights the key investment points about your stock. And having your own sponsorship on the transcript rather than a competitor's means you can comfortably link to the transcript from the IR section of your company's web site.
  2. Company sponsors partner's transcript (example). Your partner (in this case Apple) is doing really well, but nobody knows that you are a key supplier, distributor or customer. Perhaps their stock is doing well and your's should too; perhaps you want more visibility as a private company. This is the solution.
  3. Company sponsors competitor's transcript (example). Get in front of your competitors' customers, partners and investors. For private companies in particular, a powerful marketing and PR strategy is to identify each company that could acquire you, partner with you or compete with you in two years' time, and sponsor their transcripts.
  4. Issuer-sponsored research firm sponsors client's transcript (example). Perfect targeting: you help your client by having their transcript published, and you highlight the availability of your research.
  5. Investment newsletter sponsors transcripts of successful stock picks (example). Your message: "You're reading about this stock now as it trades at a high price, but you could have bought it a year ago at a much lower price if you'd subscribed to our newsletter".
  6. IR firm sponsors transcript of micro-cap company (example). You deliver direct value to your client by enabling us to publish their transcript, and you promote your own IR firm.
  7. Consulting company sponsors company's transcript in sector of interest (example). This is the best way to reach companies and investors interested in a theme, country or sector.

We'll sell the sponsorships on a first-come, first-serve basis. They're a win-win, because they provide sponsors with the best promotion available anywhere on the Internet, and help Seeking Alpha provide more free transcripts for our readers.

If you're interested, email Aaron Singer at Aaron@SeekingAlpha.com or call him on (718) 775-3835.