Akamai: Positioned For Growth

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Cloud-based internet content and delivery infrastructure services are expecting strong growth.

Consistent investment continues to fuel future growth.

Strong fundamentals indicate attractive valuation.

Company Profile

Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AKAM) is a leading provider of cloud-based internet content and delivery infrastructure. Its devotion to providing a near-instant web experience continues to fuel growth. Consistent capital spending signals management's desire to continue to deliver strong returns for investors beyond the next earnings release.

Industry Conditions

The Nasdaq has outperformed the major indices for a majority of the recovery (Exhibit 1). Indicated by its widening spread with the Dow, the market continues to value tech over traditional investments. This suggests an overall risk-on allocation strategy. However, recent global issues as well as modest earnings reports have sent the major indices significantly lower over the past few days. Additionally, it seems further declines are in store on a short-term horizon.

Exhibit 1

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The Internet content and Information industry has displayed exceptional growth compared to the major indices and is expected to remain strong for the near future (Exhibit 2). However, it has recently experienced substantial volatility, generating significant investor concerns over future gains. Additionally, if a prolonged decline in economic growth were to occur, this sector would most likely see larger declines in sales and share value compared to other industries due to corporate infrastructure spending cuts and delays in technological improvements.

Exhibit 2

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Regarding AKAM specifically, it has consistently outperformed the major indices and straddles the two industries for which it is included, albeit with significantly more volatility (Exhibit 3 and 4).

Exhibit 3

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Exhibit 4

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Operating margins remain strong and near the upper end of the five-year range (Exhibit 5).

Exhibit 5

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While not entirely concerning at these levels, free cash flow in regards to sales continues to decline, indicating the current spending policy may not be sustainable (Exhibit 6 and 7). The company recently experienced an 18% decline in ROIC causing concerns over the effectiveness of current investment spending.

Exhibit 6

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Exhibit 7

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AKAM Valuation

Price to earnings remain relatively stable, just coming off the highs while Price to Sales is steadily climbing since the lows in 2011 (Exhibit 8 and 9). These indicate appropriate valuation based on historical multiples.

Exhibit 8

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Exhibit 9

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Industry analysts have been increasing their opinions on the equity with 18 EPS upward revisions this year and 13 for next year with an average target price of $68.06.

Our in-house comparable company valuation analysis puts the estimated equity value at 69.82 and our DCF valuation is $68.75 per share. Additionally in respect to its industry, AKAM is undervalued according to P/E by 16% and undervalued according to EV/EBITDA by 43%.

Challenges and Opportunities

Akamai continues to invest in research and development which has proven to return substantial value to shareholders. This is shown by a 27% annual growth rate in research spending and 40% annual growth in capital expenditures fueling 18% annual returns in share price over the past 10 years. However, the company's equity experienced substantial selling pressure after its most recent earnings release, signaling potential wavering in investor sentiment toward owning shares at current prices as well as raising questions as to how much benefit can be expected from each additional unit of investment. Moreover, as other companies reach for lofty margins in the industry, competition will increase substantially, threatening profit margins and growth opportunities.


Akamai Technologies, Inc. has a robust business model, solid fundamentals and compelling valuation metrics. Strong demand in cloud infrastructure solutions, security and a focus on mobile will be tailwinds for the company. Intense competition challenges future growth but is being met with effective investment spending. With a close eye on capital efficiency trends, buying shares within the $50-$60 range will position an investor for future growth benefits from strong investment spending and stable margins.

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