Bond ETFs Record First Outflow in Two Years

by: TickerSense

Bond ETFs recorded their first outflow of funds since October 2008. Since the S&P 500's almost 17% decline that October, bond ETFs have experienced steady monthly inflows totaling over $73 billion.

Bond ETF Monthly FoF Summary Since 2005
Since 2005, investors have poured over $112 billion into bond ETFs vs the $141 billion that has flowed into US equity ETFs.

Bond vs US ETF Cumulative FoF Since 2005
Below are the bond ETFs with the biggest outflows in November.

Bond ETFs with Biggest Outflow in November
Across the total ETF market there was $10.6 billion dollar inflow in November and the market cap of all ETFs was $951.1 billion.

ETF Group FoF Summary November 2010