Update: Iron Ore Holdings Agrees To Be Bought By BC Iron

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Iron Ore Holdings received a buyout offer at a very nice premium from competitor BC Iron.

This was not entirely unexpected, as IOH owns several development-ready assets in Australia.

As it's a generous offer, I'd strongly recommend to tender your IOH-shares.

A short while ago, I wrote an article on Iron Ore Holdings (OTC:IRNHF) stating I thought the company to be undervalued at the share price of $0.78. Apparently, the management team of BC Iron (OTC:BIRNF) was thinking the same as it announced an offer to buy all shares of Iron Ore Holdings for 0.44 shares of BC Iron and $0.092 in cash. This was a 79% premium to the 60 day VWAP price of both companies, but as BCI took a nosedive after the release was disseminated, the current value of the offer is $1.31 per share.

This is not entirely unexpected as Iron Ore Holdings has several promising development projects (which would be viable at the current iron ore price) and I argued this could attract potential partners which could provide Iron Ore Holdings with a decent way to monetize the projects. As such, I'm not surprised IOH is being bought out.

This buyout offer obviously does change my original investment thesis, and as I estimated the fair value of IOH to be $1.14 based on the current iron ore price, I think BC Iron's offer with a current value of $1.31/share is reasonable, fair and should be accepted. I do believe the combination of both companies will result in a stronger entity (with cash flow from two projects and several more iron ore properties in the development pipeline). At this moment, IOH is trading at a discount of 5.5% to the offered price, and as this deal is destined to go ahead (the 53% shareholder has pledged its support), buying Iron Ore Holdings is a good way to buy BC Iron at a 5% discount right now.

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