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Three Chinese IPOs last week have already made it onto our list of the top performing IPOs of 2010. One of them -- (NYSE:YOKU) -- began trading just last Wednesday, and it is already the top performing IPO this year based on its change from its offering price. As shown below, YOKU is up 192.97% from its $12.80 pricing. While YOKU is billed as "the of China," DANG is "the of China." DANG, which priced on the same day as YOKU, is up 104.94% already, making it one of ten IPOs that are up 100% from their offering prices this year. The last IPO from last week that's on our list is SemiLEDs (NASDAQ:LEDS), which is up 48.53% from its offering price.

Two "Soft" companies -- BroadSoft (NASDAQ:BSFT) and hiSoft Technology (HSFT) -- rank 2nd and 3rd behind YOKU with gains of 177.33% and 174.60% respectively.

There are some interesting companies on the list below, and we recommend going through all of them to get a feel for the type of IPOs coming out these days.