Jan 22

Tip on Lowering Credit Card Debt Using a Cool New Tool

CreditCardClients The Savings Agent, created by Credit Card Clients, is a great new online personal finance tool that can help users lower their credit card bills for free by calculating the optimal savings strategy for each individual’s debt. It promises to deliver hundreds of dollars in savings, and also promises to be completely neutral and unbiased, claiming that only the savings potential determines the order of the results. Two easy steps are all it takes. Here’s how it works:

1. The Devil is in the Details - The Savings Agent uses details that are often overlooked by individuals who try to compare credit card offers themselves. It takes the fine print of the offers, including multiple interest rates for each offer, balance transfer fees, annual fees and more, and utilizes complex calculations to determine the best deals out there.

2. Your Personal Debt Profile – The details above are combined with the details of your personal debt profile – your current card, how much you owe on it, your annual fees and APR - and the Savings Agent uses a database of over two hundred credit card offers to present each consumer with the top 10 credit cards that will save them the most money.

For more on smart credit card use, don't miss our very own Sound Money Tips Guide to Credit Cards.


  • US Financial Freedom, a Debt Settlement program is an innovative solution without filing bankruptcy for consumers who are considering credit counseling or bankruptcy with debt burdens. Debt Settlement !

    Feb 04
  • Me and Feb 15th are cut from the same cloth, you know how many times I have done that for 6 months? I mean 2 of my cards are at 25000 credit limit, Mbna MC and Visa. Mbna has offered me 3 times but I said no to them because they wanted to charge a balance transfer fee. So one time they waived it, and Visa gave it to me twice with no fee. For those 6 months each I made 3.4% interest vs paying 1.99.

    Oct 28
  • Nice tool! You can use credit cards, but do it properly, make payments in full timely and do not exceed the amount you are not able to pay off. And no large debts.

    May 10
  • Debt consolidation is only a good idea if you are going to never use the new card once you transfer a balance(s) to it and then plan to attack the balance and pay it off as soon as possible.

    Apr 11
  • I don't know why people don't take the extra time to organize their purchases by only using credit cards which offer perks such as cash back and the free use of the credit card companies' money when you pay your balances off in full. The low introductory intrest rates are free money essentially when they lend it to you at 1.9% and you deposit it in a savings account which pays 4%. THE KEY IS DISCIPLINE IN PAYING OFF THE BALANCES ON TIME.

    Feb 15
  • I have a very easy step: DO NOT USE A CREDIT CARD. Very simple and really helps your finances.

    Jan 23
  • Nice tool. Nothing too new, but I like the interface.

    Jan 23