Jan 23

Tip on Making International Calls for Local Charges

AllFreeCalls All Free Calls is a telephone service that recently popped up, out of Iowa. Here’s the shtick: you can make phone calls to many foreign countries (more than 30) for the cost of a local call to Iowa. Techcrunch did its darndest to figure out and explain exactly the mechanics behind how the system works. Suffice it to say, it works. Here’s how:

1. Dial - Dial 712-858-8094.

2. Listen - Listen to the instructions in Mandarin, Spanish, or English.

3. Talk - At the prompt, enter 011, the country code you are calling and the number you wish to call. Enjoy your free call! There are no hidden charges, and no sign-ups, no limit on call length or number of calls, and privacy is guaranteed.


  • I wouldn't count on these types of services lasting!


    Feb 07
  • Most of the calling cards have an added usage fee per call, or some other hidden costs, so the actual cost is rarely what advertised, at least in my experience. i call eastern europe too frequently and 1.7 cents/min seems a little low, i am dealing mostly in the 6-8cents /min. If have additional insight please post

    Jan 24
  • Calling cards are available to call Moscow for as little as $0.017 / minute - likely far less than a domestic long distance call to Iowa.

    Jan 24