Jan 25

Tips on Getting the Best Headphones for the Buck

Headphones Nowadays, good headphones can cost up to a few hundred dollars a pair! But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great sound. Lucky for us HeadRoom has made a short list of the top 15 headphones for under US$40:

1. Earbuds – If this is the style of phone you’re into – the type that are inserted into the ear - that’s great since they’re generally the cheapest model, ranging from $9.95 - $19.95. Check out the Sennheiser MX300; Sennheiser MX 350; Sennheiser MX 400; Sennheiser MX 450; and Sennheiser MX 500, which features sliding volume control.

2. Earpad Phones – These types of phones, which are padded and rest on top of your ear, tend to be a bit more pricey than earbuds, ranging from $19.95 – 39.99. Check out the Koss KSC 75, a handy clip-on headphone that’s great for under beanies, hats and helmets; the AKG K 24 P; and the neckband-style headphone Sennheiser PMX 100.

3. Sealed Phones – A variety of headphone types that aim to block the noise around you, sealed phones tend to ring in on the higher end of $40. Check out: Koss UR 20 or Koss UR 29, good for portable players and laptop computers; Sennheiser HD 202, which features good sound quality and isolation; Sennheiser HD 201, which have very good sound; headband-style Koss Sporta Pro; or Sennheiser EH 150, a stylish and inexpensive sealed-back headphone with good isolation.


  • I have a set of the Koss UR-20's for 3 years, and they still sound great, and for me they're very comfortable.

    Jan 15
  • I found yokel.com in Dec. Now when I need to find something close to home, I search there first. The results are better there then at other search engines, and even the smaller stores show up. They don't seem to have all stores, but I still find them better than yahoo.

    Jan 26