Fastenal: Overvalued But Still Interesting

| About: Fastenal Company (FAST)


Infrastructure spending to reach $9 trillion by 2025.

Fundamentals remain strong.

Valuation metrics are poor.

Price action indicates uncertainty.

Fastenal Co (NASDAQ:FAST) operates wholesale distribution of industrial and construction supplies to manufacturing and non-residential construction markets. The company is well situated to benefit from the $9 trillion in global infrastructure spending forecasted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The company's shares have performed well with regard to various related industries (Exhibit 1). However, it has been lagging the S&P for the past year due to funding constraints for public projects and uncertainty concerning current valuation (Exhibit 2).

Exhibit 1

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Exhibit 2

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Company fundamentals are strong on a historical basis. Operating margins are near 10-year highs (Exhibit 3). Free cash flows, which are not a significant factor in pricing FAST shares, have declined over the past few years but remain within an acceptable range (Exhibit 4). Additionally, the company continues to add value through operational efficiency leading to 12% annualized growth in sales which has contributed to annualized equity growth of 12% (Exhibit 5). Moreover, the dividend yield is higher than its peers as well as growing at an annual rate of 9% over the past 4 years and 25% over the past 10 years.

Exhibit 3

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Exhibit 4

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Exhibit 5

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Industry analysts have an average target price of $52.25 (Exhibits 5). Price to earnings is high at 30 times which is 16% higher than its peers (Exhibit 6). Additionally, FAST is overvalued according to EV/EBITDA and Price to Sales.

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6

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Fastenal also is overvalued using the dividend discount, discounted free cash flow and comparable analysis methods. As the most relevant, the DDM gave me an estimate of $43.26 per share.

Technical Analysis

FAST has traded in a tight range since setting highs in 2012. This is possibly due to high valuation as previously mentioned. Additionally, investors appears to be interested in returning equity valuations to acceptable levels by either sending prices lower with a break of the lower resistance level displayed in Exhibit 7 or by keeping share prices in a range until company fundamentals catch up. Either way an investment in FAST at this point is not advised.

Investment Opinion

While sales volumes and operating margins are positive in addition to improving business conditions, current valuations metrics just don't present an acceptable reason to own shares at these prices. However, as FAST trades lower or fundamentals improve, it will be an excellent addition considering its exposure to the substantial infrastructure spending projected over the next 10 years.

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