Analogy: Countries' GDP to U.S. States

by: Barry Ritholtz

Fascinating stuff: Carl Størmer points us to this amazing map of the United States. Each state's economic output is analogized to another country's GDP.

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state gdp

(Editor's Note: Each U.S. state's GDP = corresponding nation's GDP)

Notable omissions: U.K., Japan, Germany, China, Italy.

I cannot vouch for the precision of this, but by eyeball, it looks about right.

Carl adds:

When seeing Norway's GDP in the context of this map, one realizes why Norway is one of the last countries U.S. companies consider when expanding to Europe.

My two cents (not in the blog): In addition to small GDP, little competition has enabled local players to build monopolies or duopolies in many industries. Add high state ownership to this mix, and you understand why Norwegian consumers are unused to good service and competitive prices. Other than that, Norway is a great country.

Thanks for the great find, Carl!