Jim Cramer's Mad Money In-Depth Stock Picks, Jan. 16

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed in the in-depth session of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money TV program, Tuesday January 16. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Outsourcing Winners: Accenture (NYSE:ACN), Electronic Data Systems (NASDAQ:EDS), Infosys Technologies (NASDAQ:INFY) and Wipro (NYSE:WIT)

Sporting a referee's uniform, Cramer placed four of the best outsourcing consulting firms in a competition to determine which is the best investment. In the right corner were U.S. companies ACN and EDS with a combined annual revenue of $39.5 billion, and in the left corner were Indian challengers INFY and WIT with a total yearly revenue of $5.6 billion. Putting the politics of outsourcing aside, Cramer says that these companies have a "huge market" since many new businesses are in need of original strategies. On the American team, Cramer thinks that ACN is best of breed because it has a top notch business, "record utilization levels" and strong growth to 12.9% from the 6.4% in the previous quarter. On the Indian team, Cramer likes Infosys, because it has "some baked-in underpromise, overdeliver Indian-style potential," has 10,000 hires completing training, and is getting its China business moving; Cramer calls this "a recipe for better-than-expected numbers." He likes Infosys' low 12% attrition rate, which is an important metric for an outsourcing firm. Wipro's attrition rate is higher, but he would still pay attention to its earnings on Wednesday. While Cramer prefers the Indian team for their "overall prospects," his favorite two companies are Accenture for its consulting business and Infosys for its growth.

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CEO Interview: Ronald Hermance Hudson City Bancorp (NASDAQ:HCBK)

Cramer asked Ronald Hermance how his comany is thriving in spite of negativity surrounding banking. "Quite candidly, our model sets us apart," Hermance responded. "The reason we've outlasted in most credit cycles is that we're retaining all our mortgages and not selling them to the secondary market." The result has been solid credit quality in the third quarter, and he added that HCBK has not had a net charge off in seven years. Impressed by this statement, Cramer added that Hudson City is "basically only lending to people that don't need a loan but are taking one out for a mortgage deduction." He recommnended the stock to investors who want a no-risk banking play.

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