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Here are 20 charts with some of the hottest names and their 14-Period MFI (Money Flow Index). General consensus says an MFI of 80 is overbought and an MFI of 20 is oversold. Technical analysis alone only works for short term price moves. Fundamental analysis is crucial for long term investments. Further, this only looks at one aspect of technical analysis which carries considerable risk. All graphs are from MSN Money. All PEG, P/S (price/sales), P/B (price/book), and PE ratios are from Yahoo Finance.

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1) Acadia Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ACAD)

Yes, it does look overbought. The company just reported a narrower loss and has 3/5 of its market value in cash. PEG = 0.22

2) Arabian American Development (ARSD)

No, it does not look overbought. The company seems to be benefiting from the rise of oil as well as its mineral properties in Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Trailing PE = 64.26 P/S = 0.58

3) ARM Holdings, plc (NASDAQ:ARMH)

It seems a little overbought. However, news that Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) may buy its chips seems to be boosting the stock. PEG = 2.54 Forward PE = 45.55 P/S = 15.26 P/B = 6.68

4) Boston Beer (NYSE:SAM)

Seems a little overbought. Notice the 14-Period MFI is already starting to go down, possibly in a mild correction. The maker of Samuel Adams beer is rapidly expanding its craft beer business. PEG = 1.32 Forward PE = 25.17 P/S = 2.88 P/B = 7.49

5) CF Industries (NYSE:CF)

No, it does not look overbought. The company has a virtual monopoly on the global nitrogen market. Fertilizer sales are projected to continue rising. PEG = 3.68 Forward PE = 11.64 P/S = 2.97 P/B = 2.48

6) Crosshair Exploration & Mining (CXZ)

It certainly looks like it is reaching overbought but not quite there yet. The company has been rising on the price of vanadium and uranium, which seem to be in a long term bull run. P/B = 1.99 No debt.

7) Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, (NYSE:FCX)

Not necessarily overbought but close. Notice that the 14-Period MFI moves slightly down as the price ticks higher. Price movement is dominated by price of copper and gold, the latter in a long term bull run. PEG = 2.27 Forward PE = 11.51 P/S = 3.05


No, it does not look overbought. The fund tracks the price of gold which is in a long term bull run. Some say gold will fall, but this further supports that it will continue rising, at least in the short term.

9) Krispy Kreme Donuts (NYSE:KKD)

No, it does not look overbought. The donut chain is reviving for bankruptcy. PEG = 0.87 Forward PE = 24.76 P/S = 1.40 P/B = 6.56

10) Las Vegas Sands (NYSE:LVS)

No, it does not look overbought. Actually, it seems oversold and ready for a run. The Macau casino owner is benefiting from Chinese growth and is expanding into Singapore. PEG = 0.58 Forward PE = 26.49 P/S = 5.12 P/B = 5.15

11) Molycorp (NYSE:MCP)

Yes, it does look overbought. The company price correlates with the price of rare earth metals, which is in a bull run. And it announced a joint venture with Hitachi to develop rare earth metals. P/S = 242.65 P/B = 8.31

12) Newcastle Investment (NYSE:NCT)

No, it does not seem overbought but approaching overbought territory. The real estate trust seems to be one of the beneficiaries of the financial rebound. PEG = 0.35 Forward PE = 1.48 P/S = 0.50

13) Patriot Coal (PCX)

No, it does not seem overbought. The metallurgic coal miner for the steel industry seems to be one of the beneficiaries of coal price increases. PEG = 0.35 Forward PE = 1.48 P/S = 0.50


No, it does not seem overbought. The discount airline booking company seems to be getting a boost from the airline recovery. Plus, with an economic recession, people are scrambling for deals. PEG = 1.41 Forward PE = 25.05 P/S = 7.01 P/B = 12.39


Yes, it does seem a little overbought, but the 14-Period MFI has already started to decline. The #10 internet site in India is projected to grow its user base as the Indian internet market grows. P/S = 6.69 P/B = 2.27

16) Repros Therapeutics (NASDAQ:RPRX)

Yes, it does seem overbought. The last time it got that high, the stock price didn’t move for over a month. Shares are surging on positive drug studies. P/B = 5.04 No debt.

17) Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI)

It seems to be approaching overbought territory. The company is benefiting from newly signed deals and another contract with Howard Stern. Forward PE = 52.35 P/S = 2.29 P/B = 23.33

18) Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA)

No, it does not seem overbought. One of the few electric car makers and the maker of the first all-electric sports car is benefiting from electric car enthusiasm. PEG = -0.67 P/S = 28.34 P/B = 12.67

19) Uranium Resources (NASDAQ:URRE)

No, it does not seem overbought. The uranium miner is benefiting from uranium bull run. P/B = 10.68 P/S = 5,368.51


Yes, it does seem overbought. Stock rising on hope that drug data will be positive when released next week. PEG = -0.12 P/S = 3.42 P/B = 15.53

Disclosure: I am long URRE, XOMA.

Source: Are These Stocks (Plus One ETF) Overbought and Poised to Fall?