Fuel Systems Solutions Is Worth $3.30 - $4.10 Per Share

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Fuel Systems Solutions reported quarterly earnings on Monday.

Despite a 21% decline in revenue Y/Y and deteriorating operating margins, the company trades at 24x LTM adjusted EBITDA ($9.90 per share).

At 8x - 10x EBITDA, the company is worth $3.30 - $4.10 per share.

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSYS) announced its quarterly earnings yesterday. The company reported revenue of $87.4 million and a net loss of $44.2 million, or net loss per share of $2.20. The loss included an impairment charge of $44.4 million primarily related to goodwill. Analysts were expecting revenue of $89.5 million and loss per share of $0.02. Below are the historical financial results for the company:

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The following chart illustrates revenue by segment - FSS Industrial and FSS Automotive:

  • Revenue declined 21% annually to $87.4 million. However, it increased 7% sequentially.
  • FSS Industrial declined 16% to 27.7 million from $33.1 million a year ago. The decrease was primarily attributable to a decrease in demand in North American markets for mobile kits and components of approximately $3.2 million, as well as a decrease in heavy duty business in Asia of about $2.3 million.
  • FSS Automotive revenue declined due to lower DOEM sales of about $12.7 million, primarily due to a loss of customers in the European (primarily Italian) and North American markets, in connection with their change in product strategies, and decreases in OEM sales of approximately $7.1 million affecting most geographic areas.
  • OEM and aftermarket sales decreases were the result of an increasingly competitive environment, as well as weak economic conditions which may not abate in the near term.
  • My previous article described how the company [i] has been facing increasing competition, [ii] lost its largest customer in 2013 and [iii] faced stiff headwinds due to the declining economy in Europe.


  • Gross margin declined to 20% from 23% a year ago, driven by a change in product mix to lower margin products.
  • R&D and SG&A expense as a percentage of revenue increased to 24% of revenue from 19% at the same time last year. The company continues to invest in research to enhance current products and look for new ways to expand product offerings.
  • SG&A costs were negatively impacted by facility closing expense, as well as work force reduction costs.
  • Earnings declined from $2.6 million a year ago to a $44.2 million net loss in the current quarter. The net loss was negatively impacted by a $44.2 million write-down of goodwill and long-lived assets.


  • Fuel Systems' $199 million market capitalization equates to 24x adjusted EBITDA through last 12 months ended June 2014 ("LTM0614") of $8.2 million.
  • For a company with declining revenue and declining margins, I would apply an EBITDA multiple of 6x - 8x. However, I applied an 8x - 10x multiple for Fuel Systems. I assumed that once it stabilizes its customer base, it has the potential to stabilize its EBITDA margins and potentially grow earnings again.
  • That said, I value the company at $66 to $82 million or $3.30 - $4.10 per share.


Fuel Systems Solutions' revenue declined 21% Y/Y due to tough economic conditions and a loss of clients. At 8x - 10x LTM adjusted EBITDA, which is appropriate for a company with its business prospects, the company is worth $3.30 to $4.10 per share. I am currently short the stock.

Disclosure: The author is short FSYS.

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