Update: Target Continues To Disappoint

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Target reported weak earnings with flat comps in the US and double-digit declines in Canada.

Canadian operations continue to be a drag on earnings.

The stock remains 25% overvalued even assuming a return to comp growth and growing margins.

In my article on 6/20, I argued that Target (NYSE:TGT) was overvalued even after having trailed the market over the past year. In my valuation model, I assumed that Target would resume growing same-store sales at a healthy clip, rein in on unprofitable store expansion and grow gross and operating margins moderately. Under those assumptions, I arrived at a fair market value of $47, which is a discount of around 20% to the current stock price.

Business performance

Target's Q2 results were much weaker than my expectations. In Q2 FY14, sales grew only 1.7% while comps were flat in the US and down 11.4% in Canada. Operating income (EBIT) declined 12.8% in the US, driven by a decline of 1 ppt in gross margin YoY. Gross margin for its Canada stores was 18.4%, a steep decline from 31.6% last year driven by inventory clearance. Year to date gross margin is tracking at 29.7%, exactly in line with my valuation model. SG&A expenses are at 21.5% of sales YTD, also higher than my assumption of 21%.

Valuation update and summary

Based on Target's updated guidance, I am lowering my revenue growth expectations from 5.2% to 3.1% for FY14, which still assumed a healthy second fiscal half. I am also increasing the SG&A spending for FY14 to 21% of sales, up from 20%. I am leaving my assumptions around 2.5% same-store sales growth from FY15 on unchanged. My updated assumptions results in an outlook of $3.2 in EPS for Target for FY14, which is in the mid-point of guidance. My fair market value decreases from $47 to $45, indicating that the stock is still pretty overvalued. I would strongly recommend against buying at these prices.

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