Synchrony Financial Soaring As Investors Anticipate 'Buy' Ratings

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SYF is up almost 9% in the last two days.

Expect analyst reports as early as next week.

GE, which still owns 80%+ of SYF benefits from SYF's price appreciation.

Synchrony Financial (NYSE:SYF), a General Electric (NYSE:GE) split-off had its IPO on July 31. After treading water near the IPO price of $23.00/share for several days, likely with the support of underwriters, the stock took off on Tuesday and Wednesday (August 19 and 20). In the last two days, SYF has appreciated $2.02, or 8.7%.

The most probable reason for the increase is the imminent release of analyst research on the Company. The SEC requires a 25 day quite period following an IPO (for non-lead underwriters; 40 days for lead underwriters). Expect research from multiple firms as early as Monday (August 25). As I wrote in my article, "Synchrony Financial: Why I Bought This GE Spin-Off", "Since a whopping thirty-one firms, including bulge bracket investment banks like Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) and JPM, were involved (and paid) with the offering, I expect significant, generally positive research within the month (morally, a firm cannot take a Company public without "believing")".

My personal analysis suggests target prices will fall in the $29-$31 range with an upside outlier approaching $35. The targets are based on trailing EPS of $2.37/share, growing by 8% to approximately $2.55/share with a 12x multiple.

GE has said it will hold its 80%+ position until late 2015, at which time it will be distributed to shareholders and/or sold. As long as GE holds SYF shares, it benefits from the price appreciation.

Unfortunately, the recent price increases have removed the "easy" opportunity to trade in advance of the analyst reports. I went long at $23 and will reevaluate my position following the release (and price action) of analysts' reports next week.

Disclosure: The author is long GE, SYF.

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