Final 2010 Global Market Performance

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Below we highlight the 2010 returns (in local currencies) for equity markets around the world. As shown, the average country saw its major equity market index gain 15.33% in 2010. Sri Lanka's stock market gained the most at 96.01%, while Bermuda declined the most at -44.87%. Six other countries along with Sri Lanka gained more than 50% in 2010 -- Bangladesh (82.79%), Estonia (72.62%), Ukraine (70.20%), Peru (64.99%), Lithuania (56.49%), and Argentina (51.83%).

Looking at just the G-7 countries, Germany did the best at 16.06%, followed by Canada (14.45%), the US (12.78%), and the UK (9%). The three other G-7 countries -- France, Japan, and Italy -- all declined last year. Of the BRICs, Russia gained the most at 22.70%, followed by India (17.43%), Brazil (1.04%), and China (-14.31%). While some are calling for developed markets to start outperforming emerging markets in 2011, the results below show that trend beginning to unfold in 2010.