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The table lists 9 foreign bank ADRs that trade on the OTC markets:

S.No. Name Ticker Dividend Yield as of Jan 7, 2011 Market Capitalization
1 Alpha Bank A.E. OTCPK:ALBKY N/A $2.0B
2 Australia and New Zealand Banking OTCPK:ANZBY 6.22% $58.3B
3 The Bank of East Asia Ltd. OTCPK:BKEAY 2.32% $7.9B
4 Commerzbank AG OTCPK:CRZBY N/A $8.6B
5 Swedbank AB OTCPK:SWDBY N/A $13.4B
6 National Australia Bank Ltd. OTCPK:NABZY 6.37% $50.5B
7 Societe Generale SA OTCPK:SCGLY 0.53% $40.7B
8 United Overseas Bank Ltd. OTCPK:UOVEY 2.12% $22.5B
9 Nedbank Group Ltd. OTCPK:NDBKY 2.96% $8.8B

Australian banks National Australia Bank Ltd (OTCPK:NABZY) and Australia and New Zealand Banking (OTCPK:ANZBY) have high yields of over 6%. European banks such as Commerzbank, Swedbank, Societe Generale are still a long way from getting back to normal due to heavy losses and exposure to real estate sector, derivatives, etc. Singapore-based United Overseas Bank Ltd (OTCPK:UOVEY) pays a dividend of just over 2% but is a strong bank with a conservative business model. It has the potential to grow further in emerging Asian economies.

Disclosure: Long CRZBY, SWDBY, SCGLY