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The beginning of the year is always a time for top financial publications and “stock gurus” to provide their predictions for which stocks will experience the best returns in the coming year. We have taken several of these lists and applied our Economic Margin and Valuation framework to them to identify which company recommendations we agree with and those we have a differing opinion on. We will track the performance of each list of picks for 2011 as well as our buy/sell list within each list to hold these stock pundits as well as our research accountable for the recommendations delivered to the investment community.

Below is a list of Barclay’s 30 Best Stocks for 2011 and how well each of their company recommendations stack up according to criteria used by The Applied Finance Group in our stock selection process including our Economic Margin Framework and Valuation metrics.

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Source: Our Take on the 'Best Stocks of 2011'