Finding Cents: Inside the Portfolio

 |  Includes: F, GCO, IGT, IMAX, SNP, SPIL, TIF, XJT
by: Semi-Standard Deviation

A fair number of people have been asking me what my portfolio currently looks like, so I'll put down my holdings, what percentage of the portfolio they are and a few thoughts behind them.

The analysis behind these stocks isn't entirely fundamental and a fair number of them were based on more visible, psychological trends that I saw.

Ford (NYSE:F) - 19.5% (percentage of portfolio): I bought this at the 52 week low during the summer, rode it for about 22% and sold. Bought back in at $7.82 a share, wish I had sold when it was close to $9.00, and am holding for the long term now. To me it was simple - yes, their stock did terribly this past year. But it's Ford, an American mainstay. Someone is going to pick this company up and get it out of the trash. Mulally is going to do better than Bill Ford did and hopefully he'll rebuild this company into the competitor it deserves to be. Stock currently trading at $7.70 (1.5% loss).

International Game Technology (NYSE:IGT) - 14%: Bought in at 37.47. I did a detailed, stock analysis with a group in my Investments class in '05. Liked the company back then, love it now. Is a dominant player among casino suppliers, will only grow as PA opens its state to casinos and hopefully other states do the same, in search of revenue. Currently trading at $46.14 (23% gain).

IMAX Corp (NYSE:IMAX) - 12.5%: Bought in at $3.42, as it was on its 52-week low. Bought primarily because I thought the street overreacted in devaluing it, also because there were talks of buyout offers and once some sales/installations started generating, it could claw it's way out of the bottom. Currently trading at $3.71 (8.5% gain).

China National Petroleum and Chemical Corp
(NYSE:SNP) - 13.5%: Bought in at 61.51 on a psychological play. I wanted in on China's oil market, as it's a booming country, cars are increasing, oil consumption will be skyrocketing and state sponsored companies stand to benefit. SNP was one of the best companies, so I bought in. See my current analysis in the Dec. archive. Currently trading at $92.22 (49.9% gain).

Silicon Precision Industries Ltd (NASDAQ:SPIL) - 17.3%: Bought in at 7.54. Read an interesting Investor's Business Daily article and started researching the stock. Great ratios, good financials and a low P/E. What more could a value investor ask for? Also helped with my diversification. Currently trading at $7.68 (1.8% gain).

Tiffany and Co.
(NYSE:TIF) - 8.8%: Bought in at 36.52. My smallest holding, but not because I wanted it to be that way. I took profits in Genesco (NYSE:GCO) after riding it from its 52-week low and put them into Tiffany's. The blue box, name of the brand, the Christmas season coming up, luxury brands expecting to profit from nice corporate bonuses. Got a nice 3rd quarter earnings report to boost the price and am hopeful for some strong December sales. Currently trading at $39.07 (6.9% gain).

ExpressJet Holdings (XJT) - 14.2% Bought in at 7.34. Low P/E stock, starting new division, backing of Continental, wanted to get into the airline industry (some of you may scream and shout WHY?!?!) thinking downward cycle of oil prices would help profitability, and I like its ratios - good financial strength, great ROE. Stock is pretty volatile, but has swept upward and developed some nice support to its dips. Currently trading at $8.40 (14.4% gain).

There's the portfolio. It could stand having some better diversification, maybe Latin America or India. Also, I have three stocks in the service sector and only two international holdings. Within that sector, they are split up fairly well, I believe, but we will see what the next move brings.

Disclosure: The author has positions in the securities mentioned above (SNP, TIF, SPIL, F, XJT, IMAX, and IGT).