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There is quite a danger premium built into this market as the market continues to grind higher. Here are a few thoughts as to what the look of a correction could look like from user AlbertaRocks on Seeking Alpha referencing the Hindenburg Omen, Goldman Sacks, and market makers.

Sources are saying that the vast majority of investors are now in the market “with no hedge”, meaning with no puts. But you can bet that the institutional managers have some protection of some sort. If they don’t have puts in place, you can be pretty sure that they have trailing stops in place. And we can rest assured that they’re tightening those trailing stops with each passing day. The more wacky and contrived this melt-up becomes, the tighter they’ll move them. Wouldn’t you just love to know how tight those stops are, and how many shares are for sale at each price level just below the market? You can bet the farm that Goldman knows.

That’s most likely why there’s been no sell-off allowed. And that’s why there’s little likelihood of there being any sell-off that they can control. I’ve been speculating on this for damned near a year now. I thought they’d lost control at the August correction, but I was wrong. But the further this Fed induced insanity has gone, the more likely it is that the xxxxxxx (the Fed, GS and their minions) are probably finally trapped. This is why we “need” to see if 1130 holds. If it does, I’d bet that it would be “barely”. If it doesn’t, then 900 might not hold either. Anyway, that’s why I’m expecting violence in the markets. I don’t even know whether to expect a nice, tidy slow melt-down that accelerates (if that’s even possible), or a 40 handle gap lower one of these days. But whatever it is, when those stops begin triggering, there won’t be a damned thing GS can do about it other than buy them all up… or just let ‘em go and throw all their own shares into the pot as well. If the bankers ever want out, the question we’ve all be asking is “who they gonna sell to?”. Now we can add the fact that not only do they have nobody to sell to, but they have billions of shares of competition who’ll want out at the same time as the banks do. Man…. I can’t see how it could be anything other than a violent crash.

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Source: Self Correcting Market Poses Unique Situation