Trupanion's 4-Year Prospects

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Trupanion has set a goal to insure roughly 700,000 pets, which would take around four years to achieve.

700,000 insured pets would bring in a projected 430 million in revenue.

Projected operating income in four years would amount to about 43 million dollars.

Projected EPS in four years is $1.62.

At a 15 times multiple, Trupanion stock would be trading for around 24 dollars per share.

Trupanion (NYSE:TRUP) released their 2nd quarter earnings recently. I found their presentation to be very interesting. In the earnings call, the company stated a goal of reaching 650,000 to 750,000 insured pets. Based on their historical insured pets growth numbers, I have estimated a four year time horizon for the company to reach their goal. What follows is an attempt to assess the value of Trupanion stock in four years.

I built my four year model based on information provided by Trupanion in their 2nd quarter earnings release. You can refer to the original presentation here.

Trupanion has set a goal to insure between 650,000 and 750,000 pets. The company reported a 38% CAGR of insured pets for the three years between 2011 and 2013. At 195,000 currently insured pets and a 38% CAGR, the company would be north of 700,000 insured pets in four years' time.

In four years, based on a 4% growth rate that is consistent with the company's recent history, I project Trupanion's monthly adjusted revenue per pet to be $51.36. Assuming the company has signed on roughly 700,000 pets by then, we can project $35,952,000 in monthly adjusted revenue - or around $430 million in revenue per year.

The company projects long term operating income to be between 8% and 11% of revenue. I used 10% for my model. In four years, $430 million in revenue would equate to roughly $43 million in income for the company.

$43 million divided by 26.56 million shares outstanding = $1.62 / share. A P/E ratio of 15 would produce a stock price of $24.28 in four years.

At the time of this writing, Trupanion is trading for around $9. If the stock were to reach what I have modeled out for the next four years, this would represent a 270% appreciation in share price.

Please remember that this is a simplified analysis that makes many assumptions about the future. Assessing the value of a business requires more depth than I have provided but I hope this article acts as a starting point for your own independent research.

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