Recording Industry Unresponsive to Competition: Top 5 Amazon Sellers Are Under $10

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File this one under It ain't no coincidence: It's long been my argument that the recording industry has mispriced CDs long after they first introduced them at much higher prices. While most technology/entertainment products have come done dramatically in price, the Recording Industry has tried desperately to maintain their higher pricing, lower modest unit sales model.

They did not respond to competition from DVDs, Video Games, Internet, etc. The industry has denied that pricing is an issue, blaming piracy, downloading, CD burning, mixed DJ tapes, and even boy bands - anything but their broken pricing model.

So it makes me ask this question: Can anyone in the industry explain to me why the top 5 bestselling CDs on (NASDAQ:AMZN) are all well under $10? Some are even $6.99!

And don't blame the Boomers; they tend not to be all that price sensitive on small purchases (See Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) 15.99 CDs as an example). Besides, Norah Jone and The Beatles are the only real Boomer fare in this short list.

Consider these CDs:

1. Not Too Late, Norah Jones


2. Begin to Hope, Regina Spektor


3. Wincing the Night Away, The Shins


4. Corinne Bailey Rae


5. Love, The Beatles


In the top 10, there is but one disc priced over $10 (11.99). Everything else is $10 per CD (or 20 per double disc). There are 2 in the top 15, and as you work your way down the list, the higher the price, the weaker the sales (more or less).

Quite frankly, I doubt this is a coincidence. If anything, I suspect it reveals that CD purchasers are increasingly price sensitive, given all of the competing entertainment outlets and technologies.