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Will online video fuel a second Internet boom and possibly a replay of the stock-market mania of the late 1990s? Several recent articles and blog posts are suggestive. The latest for me was a note in FP Trading Desk warning of the addictiveness of video aggregation site

Signs are gathering, it seems, of the old-time gold rush mentality. Online entrepreneurs are scrambling into the sector in a way reminiscent of the old dot-com era (a couple other video aggregation sites are Media Channel and Internet Video Magazine). If one counts video-editing sites like Video Egg and video-hosting sites like YouTube, there are more than 200 video sites currently on the Internet according to one source.

You can tell online video is heating up when the blogging networks are setting up blogs to cover online video. Om Malk’s network created one, newteevee, a few months ago and b5media is getting someone to blog this niche as well.

Money managers are now talking about investing in online-video plays, especially those in line to benefit from the rising demand for bandwidth like Cisco Systems. One also wonders if the recent rally in Nortel Networks is partly related to this phenomenon. But it's not just bandwidth: writing in the Financial Times of London, hedge-fund manager Cody Willard, mentions Google and News Corp. as “two of the best positioned names for this boom.”

Now here is a video, ‘The funniest laugh – my dad,’ that’ll have you laughing like nothing you’ve seen on TV or at the cinema for a long while.

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Source: Online Video Fueling Second Internet/Tech Bubble?