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The DJIA is currently trading above 12,000 for the first time since 6/19/08. In the table below, we highlight the performance of the current 30 DJIA components as well as the three stocks that have been removed since June 2008.

The average performance of the current 30 components of the DJIA has been a gain of 1.9%. Home Depot (NYSE:HD) has led the pack with a gain of 39.5%, followed by IBM (NYSE:IBM) [28.9%], McDonald's (NYSE:MCD) [28.9%], and Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) [21.3%]. On the downside, the three worst performing current members of the DJIA are Alcoa (NYSE:AA) [-57.7%], Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) [-51.1%], and General Electric (NYSE:GE) [-28.2%]. These performances are weak, but at least it's ahead of the performance of GM (old), AIG (NYSE:AIG), and Citigroup, (NYSE:C). All three of these companies that were removed have lost at least 75% of their value since 6/19/08.

Source: DJIA Components Since Last Time DJIA Was at 12K