Joe Shorts Making Last Stand, 'Custer' Style?

 |  About: St Joe Co. (JOE)
by: Todd Sullivan

Did not expect this…..means the increase in share price over the past month was not due to short covering their bets. They added 2m more share to the short tally.

Capture174 333x420 Wow......JOE Shorts Making Last Stand...Custer Style?

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What does it mean? See here, here and here

The main theme is the same only as the shorts increase their bets, the violence of the potential upward spike in prices becomes greater as the rush to cover happens. Don’t focus too much on “days to cover.” If we get a short squeeze like we potentially could, whether the # is 10 or 20 day isn’t really relevant, what will matter is the number of shares that can be bought back vs those short. As the shorts increase bets, that number shrinks.