Sinovac Ventures Into Realm of Bacterial Vaccines

| About: Sinovac Biotech, (SVA)

Sinovac Biotech (NSDQ: SVA) submitted a request to the SFDA to conduct a clinical trial of its newly developed 23-valent and 24-valent pneumococcal polysaccharides vaccines (PPV). The vaccines are designed to protect against pneumonia, meningitis and febrile bacteremia along with sinusitis and bronchitis. The target populations are children over the age of two and adults, especially those older than 65 and those with long-term health problems.

For Sinovac, this new product is its first bacterial vaccine. Until now, the company has developed anti-virals. These include a vaccine for hepatitis B, plus flu vaccines for seasonal and epidemic strains.

Sinovac said the supply of PPVs in China has doubled over the past three years, though the increased supply hasn’t yet met the demand. As a result, the price remains relatively high for PPVs.

The currently available products are 23-valent PPVs, according to the company. Sinovac also developed a 24-valent PPV that adds protection against one of the three most prevalent bacteria in China. Sinovac developed both vaccines in-house and retains full rights to both.

The major target for pneumococcal disease is young children in developing countries. More than 1 million die each year. In developed countries, the disease is most prevalent in elderly people.

Sinovac has several vaccines in development. In 2011, it expects to receive approval of a rabies vaccine for animals.

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