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Scurrilous, absolutely scurrilous. All this stuff about Citigroup (NYSE:C) big-shot Todd Thomson being axed for various sins of conspicuous consumption including, but not limited to – his office was apparently the ‘Todd Mahal’ – giving Mrs Jonno “WisdomTree” Steinberg a lift back from China on the company crop-duster.

But rubber-necking is a spectator sport, so thanks to Page Six, Roddy Boyd and the gang at The New York Post for delivering this particular train wreck. And especially the disclosure that:

In a recent Success magazine cover profile, Thomson gushed that [CNBC anchor Maria] Bartiromo [who is married to WisdomTree founder Jonathan Steinberg] - who sits on a council with him at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School – “truly understands business and brings clarity and authenticity to the table."

Not to mention a long, and apparently growing, history of dubious conflict-of-interest resolution decisions.

Even The Wall Street Journal has joined the fray:

After the airplane incident, Mr. Prince ordered Mr. Thomson not to spend Citigroup money on anything involving Ms. Bartiromo, says a person familiar with the situation. Six weeks later, Mr. Thomson informed Mr. Prince he had signed up Citigroup to sponsor the Sundance Channel show featuring the CNBC anchor. That was the last straw to Mr. Prince, this person says. It involved big dollars for results that were difficult to quantify, this person adds.

Lots of high jinks after the jump.

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